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Rector of the UPS disclosed in the “International Research Conference on Communication”

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On November 10 opens the “International Conference on Communication Research” in conjunction with the IX International Seminar on Methodologies transformative, events organized by the Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar, the AMLAT Red and the Race of Social Communication of the UPS, home Quito.
The inaugural conference, with the theme “Communication Epistemologies” featured keynote presentations by Father Herran, Ph.D., Hernán Reyes, professor at the UASB and the AMLAT Efendy Maldonado Network. The theme of the conference P. Herran was “I understand communication from the scheme to develop “, which is emphasized as communication must transform the social reality from the paradigm of reality and desired social transformation, which implies a continuous practice and mobile society, what he called the “Andean Spiral of knowledge”.